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8BitDo Mod Kit for Original NES Controller(Old Edition)

8BitDo Mod Kit for Original NES Controller(Old Edition)

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Customer Reviews

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Willie Huff
NES Original Mod kit

The mod kit works perfectly, the install was nice and simple. Absolutely recommended for anyone with a spare 5 minutes.

Ana Zavala
Great way to play your old favorites.

This is a super easy mod that let's you bring new life to your old controllers. I had one from when I was little that had stripped wires which was not safe to use and now I use it to play classics on my phone.

Sergey Kolomiyets
Not functional.

Doesn’t work.

Rob Short
Read the instructions on the ribbon connector!

Don’t be dumb like me and assume the connector is a sliding one. It works like a door hinge. Never seen one like that before. Broke the connector trying to make it do something it wasn’t designed to do. Otherwise, this thing rules! Already ordered the replacement for the one I broke.

Mike Keon
Love the kit!

This is an amazing no-cut kit. Super easy to install and use. My only gripe is the proprietary barrel adaptor to charge it (which I'll certainly lose and need to find a replacement for at some point).