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8BitDo Mod Kit for SNES/SFC Classic Edition Controller (New Edition)

8BitDo Mod Kit for SNES/SFC Classic Edition Controller (New Edition)

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RJ Guiang

8BitDo Mod Kit for SNES/SFC Classic Edition Controller (New Edition)

Aaron Perez
Wrong model

I recieved the wrong SNES controller mod kit and I am getting no help from customer service. I have emailed several times. Please reply!

Tynan O'Brien
Five minute install, great configuration options

I installed two in like ten minutes without a single issue. Works great on my Switch and PC without issue. I love how easy it is to switch the d-pad from controlling d-pad input or both analog stick input.

Currently playing through Super Mario Wonder just like I did when I got my Super Nintendo.

No weird diagonals!

I struggled with controllers like the SF30 Pro due to oddness with the diagonals on the D-Pad. Certain games, like Zelda 1, just did not play well and I'd frequently find myself pressing down only to start moving right, or vise versa. I tried modding the board with stuff and other suggestions on-line, but it never worked. I tried looking up other controllers but reviews all seemed to have some mentioning this same issue.

This SNES DIY board, along with the NES version, seem to have finally satisfied my goal of having a wireless controller that still feels and behaves exactly like the original, allowing me to play games on my MiSTer FPGA without sacrificing the tactile experience of the original controllers.

I am a little concerned about possibly losing the charge cable as it is a unique shape I have no spares of, but I also understand that was a trade-off to make installation as simple as possible with no cutting necessary, so I'll just have to be very careful!

If you're looking for a way to play classic games with the controller you remember playing them with and you're willing to take a screwdriver to an old controller, I can't recommend this more!

I would note that if you are going with the SFC Classic Edition controllers (My SNES Classic isn't seeing any use so this was perfect for me), keep in mind that the buttons in that controller are NOT swappable with original SNES controllers. I had intended to swap buttons out from one of several SFC controllers I had laying around, only to find that the internal-facing side of the buttons are not shaped to fit! Not a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind.

Jeremiah Withers
Haven’t received it yet!

I’ve been waiting for a week now for an update on tracking, it’s just one state away but hasn’t moved in a week.