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8BitDo Mod Kit for Original PlayStation Controller

8BitDo Mod Kit for Original PlayStation Controller

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It fits:
SCPH-1080 - M-marked controllers
SCPH-1080 - Made in Philippines
SCPH-1010 - Made in Malaysia

It does not fit:
SCPH-1080 - H-marked controllers
DTL-H3010 "Net Yaroze" controllers (also H-marked.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julien Cufi
Nice but requires modification to fit

The mod is nice but not fit perfectly in the controller even if it was the good model. So it requires modifications on the board.

Vidal Salazar-Avila
Great Product! But...

Installation was easy. Setup was a breeze. Having to learn some button combos to enable certain features was a pain, but understandable given the hardware. My main issue is the inability to swap the shoulder buttons. L1 is L2 and vice versa. Same goes for the R1 and R2 buttons. You can work around this using Steam or the Switch's remapping tools, but I would have preferred a button combo to do this on the hardware. Either way, good product.

Marc Hortelano

Super low quality, the shoulder button cables broke up upon getting them outside of the package.

Joseph Wiltzius
Easy to install and my new favorite controller.

Comes in a oversized bag to keep the original PCB clean and safe! They really thought of everything. Works just like any other 8bitdo controller so its easy. installed it very quickly and got it all working. had to update the firmware.