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8BitDo Mod Kit for Original Dogbone Controller

8BitDo Mod Kit for Original Dogbone Controller

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Trottier
Must have

A must have for oem dog bone controller

Rama Lass-Ballard
it ain’t here nigga

it ain’t here yet

Andrew Molcan

i got a few kits and they work just fine but this dogbone kit has a problem that the battery wires are too short so you cant close the shell. a quality control problem i guess.

Samuel Barenthsen
Really Pretty Good

Install only took a few minutes. Functionality for Switch was flawless. The only drawbacks are having to resort to button combinations for advanced functions like a home button or pairing to different devices, but that's inevitable for this piece of hardware. One thing I did differently than instructed was install a small collar of acrylic tape around the charging/indicator port. It was a bit of a loose fit. Overall I'm really happy. It's an excellent mod.

Sergio Villicana Tovar
Excellent controller with minor assembly flaws

This controller is super good, very responsive, the movemente feels like an original dog bone controller.
The only bad point is 2 flaws in the assembly, in the instructions it says to use the glue to stick the battery inside, but in the digram show the cables in one side, but in the reality the glue is in the other side, so it is not possible to use the glue, if not, it would mean to twist the cables to mucha fun they could break, see I put in the opposite side and didn’t use the glue. Also the small light charger piece when you try to close the controller, this light piece is loose, so it moves forward and backboard even when the controller is closed, so I used a small toothpick, and cut a small piece and got to stick between the plastic the light piece, now it doesn’t move anymore, but when chargin and pulling at the cable again the piece moves out, I can push it back again and stays in places, because the toothpick, without the toothpick, it is very loose the piece, if you could fix this 2 problems it could get a 5 star review.