Warranty Policy

Updated: 0203, 2022 


The duration of warranty;
In case of the product quality problems, you can enjoy free maintenance within one year with the dated sales receipt!


The eligible conditions for free warranty service in the following cases:

1.Non-artificial functional defect occurs during normal use of the purchased product within the warranty period.
2.With no unauthorized modification, installation or the use of unofficial accessories replacement, including any other non-artificial caused problems.
3.The dated sales receipt from 8BitDo authorized reseller of which can show the product description and price.


The ineligible conditions for free warranty service in the following cases:

1.The man-made incidents of falling, flooding, burning and any other incidents rather than the quality problem of the product itself.
2.The damage caused by refitting, disassembling and opening the shell under the guidance of unofficial instructions.
3.The damage caused by unofficial guided circuit modification, or improper use of battery pack and charger.
4.Alter or remove the identification labels of products/components.
5.Non-quality related problems.(30 days after purchase)
6.The products that are out of warranty period.
7.The products without proof of purchase.



1.If it is the after sales problems about the internal parts of game controller, we suggest you do the DIY by yourself with the accessories we send to you according to the professional instructions from the technician.
2.Users need to send the defective products back to 8BitDo authorized distributors or 8BitDo after-sales service center. After receiving the defective products, we will do the fault detection and determine the responsibility. 8BitDo will be responsible for the cost of testing, materials, labors and transportation if it's about the quality problem of the product itself.
3.If the tested products do not meet the conditions of free maintenance, customers can choose to pay for repair or send the original one back.
4.If the problem of the machine is not within the warranty period (such as man-made damage to the product) and we will charge the corresponding fee of testing, replacement parts, labors and transportation according to the specific situation.