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8BitDo Mod Kit for Original N64 Controller

8BitDo Mod Kit for Original N64 Controller

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Customer Reviews

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Shaun Vye
Great kit and well worth the money

This superb kit comes with everything you need and is super simple to install.
The Hall Effect thumb stick is a little shorter that the original and doesn't quite feel the same, but it's solid to use and well work installing if your original one has worn out (as they do). Very happy with my purchase

Gian Maria Philipp
Very good and great small long screw driver

You know a company is gold as soon as they ship a hard-to-find small thin but long screw driver with the end product. I mean, no need to do that if screws are easily accessible but not on a N64 controller, they are deep and 98% of toolkits won't have it, so an extra thanks for shipping it along!
Product works as intended and took me about 10 mins to do with your video tutorial.

Nathaniel Gardner
does what it is suppose to

I bought it for making my controller wireless and it did that job well.

Esk8 Jaimes
8BitDo N64 to Switch controller Retrofit kit

This N64 retrofit kit arrived in 10 days from ordering to the UK too. Here's my initial thoughts on this N64 controller mod kit:
1. The cable/LED cover is hard to notice, it needs a separate bag
2. I recommend getting replacement button membranes too
3. The thumbstick cable install is confusing, needs looping (see 8BitDo install video)
4. Thankfully paired easily, works great!
5. Feels kinda weird having a GameCube-style stickon N64, but in good way

Andrew Hank
N6r controller kit

The mod was easy to do, and the controller works perfectly!