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Mystery Box Celebration

Mystery Box Celebration

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Customer Reviews

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Ole A. Sjo Fasting
8bitdo Mystery Box

I got a very cheap NES-styled bluetooth controller, along with some other xbox-stuff, like magnets and a keychain. Only really interested in the controller, which is great value for the 17 EUR I paid.

Matt McCarthy
Pleasantly surprised

Maybe I was just lucky, but I was surprised and delighted that 8bitdo sent me four items for my one bottom-tier Mysterious Box, including an N30 Bluetooth. Amazing value. Thank you!

Erik S.
Cheap Mystery box item

I purchased the cheap mystery box item and was pleasantly surprised to find the keychain, thumbstick grips, pin, and a N30 gamepad in the box along with the ultimate controller I purchased.

Jeffery Ensbey
Mystery box feels like filler box

Got a pin/switch thumb grips thanks for absolutely things that are cheap & junk 😕
Xbox wired pro/xbox Bluetooth Android/sn30 Bluetooth controller/sn30 wireless charger(I don't use wireless charging slow af)

I guess that's the deal with mystery boxes but still feels like filler box, okay I guess wanted the ps1 classic dongle tbh, maybe a pro controller, like why would I want a wired controller in 2023

Idk for $100aud shipped no bad but pretty fine,8bitdo is quality but if the youtube influencers get two pro controllers I should aswell.

Meh 5/10

Ian Wu
Pretty bad bundle

I do realize this was a gamble, but my mystery box was only filled with Xbox controllers and I don't own an Xbox.