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8BitDo ABXY Conductive Rubber for SN30 Pro and SN30 Pro+(2 PCS)

8BitDo ABXY Conductive Rubber for SN30 Pro and SN30 Pro+(2 PCS)

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SF30 Pro, SN30 Pro, SN30 Pro USB, SN30 Pro for Android, SN30 Pro+


The different light will lead to slight deviations between the picture and the actual color.

No warranty, no replacement, no return, no refund for this accessory.

No manual or instruction guide for this accessory, simple disassembly and installation skills are required.

To guarantee all replacement parts are in good condition, we had tested it before shipping.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jan Stephenson
Wish this is obtainable from Amazon

After about a year and a half of use the membrane for the B button tore which just caused major sticking. Sadly it's annoying to use when it gets to that point so I had to go a few weeks of not using it while I waited for it to ship from Singapore. Definitely would have liked to get this on same day through amazon, but the replacement + a spare was very much needed and I still love my sn30pro+ to this da, therefore ill continue to use it as long as I can easily fix it.

Justin Dafonte


timothy serrata
Temporary solution

The rubber connected to the carbon pad is so thin it's just a matter of time until it rips again. I won't be replacing it with any new pads when that happens. I don't know how a controller from the original PlayStation still works flawlessly, but a modern one can't even last beyond a year.

David Jones

I love my 8bitdo SNES controller. It's perfect for retro gaming but also modern gaming. It's gotten a ton of use and the jump button started to stick and the thumbsticks rubber was been slowly worn down. I thought I'd have to spring for a complete replacement. So I was happy to see that 8bitdo sold parts, and for a reasonable price. Now my trusty controller is like new again and ready for several more years of hard use.

Alejandro Aguilar Mora
Super slow delivery

The delivery date for the components, is too much. I'm still waiting for the components to arrive, to actually give a proper review.