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8BitDo Micro

8BitDo Micro

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  • Weighs 24.8 grams featuring 16 buttons. Ultra-portable and versatile.
  • Compatible with Switch and Android
  • Supports firmware update
  • Mode switching button
  • Supports button mapping in 8BitDo Ultimate Software - mobile version (Keyboard mode only)
  • Made for 2D games

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tim Rowell
decent upgrade

Despite looking similar, the micro is a decent upgrade to the zero/zero 2s 6 buttons and a dpad, which one would think would be enough to play a decent range of games. One would be wrong.
The micros two extra shoulder and function buttons drastically increase the range of games that can be played. This combined with the more solid construction makes it a really neat tiny controller.
My only gripe is that like the zero 2 there's no button locking mechanism for something you ideally want to carry in your pocket or in the sides of a backpack, in which case it will be endlessly turning on.
A version with a small lite 2 style joystick or two might be nice too.

Hannah Krieger
Just what i needed

I got this to program keyboard shortcuts for use with art programs. It was easy to download the app and assign keys (and also change the programming as needed). Arrived faster in the mail than I expected, also.

Manuel Martínez
Awesome control in a pocket size

Without a doubt, as a controller in this size, is amazing. Not a fan of pressing the Dpad too much to register the input, but it works alright. Maybe a misinput here and there, but nothing to worry about too much. And the Keyboard functionality with macros works AWESOME! I've been doing my work more dynamic!

Csaba Wurm

8BitDo Micro

Blake Hunter
It's so tiny!!!

I love mini things, this is perfect, works as advertised and it feels so funny to use I literally have to voice how amusing I find its tiny size every five minutes when using it