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8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS1, PS2

8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS1, PS2

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Yegor Devyatovskiy
Beats all other competition!

I've tried so many wireless receivers and controller combos. Something close to 5-7 of different ones in fact. 8BitDo receiver combined with a PS4 first-party controller is what finally bridged the gap for me in terms of wireless functionality on my PS2. A friend warned me that there might be some input lag and I went in expecting it, but lo and behold it is minimal if nonexistent completely. Drift and massive input delay was a huge problem for me with any third-party controller combo. Now, it seems like I've finally gotten the combo that works without any headache and so far, I'm in absolute awe that I can play without the old problems constantly being in the background. Easy 5-star product that does what it's supposed to and even maps the buttons to mimic DualShock 2 even with modern controllers.

Rafael Negrete
Worth an investment

You know, it doesn't get any simpler, hook it up, and sync, but for the most part, now I have been able to replay tons of games with controllers that do not get gummed up in certain areas, and it's a huge plus as well since I've never actually owned a genuine PS2 controller, so it does at least help in some areas.

Roger Duthie
Use PS4 controllers wirelessly with a PS2

This is great for modern style sofa gaming. No cables draped across the sitting room! Excellent. Shipping a little slow, but not too bad.

Chris Attaway
Great product

Works great for using my playstation dualsense on my ps2.

Claudio Souza
Teste do PS1 adapter

Testado no PS1 e PS2. Funcionou 99% perfeito. Houve um minúsculo atraso de resposta. Esse atraso esteve mais presente em jogo de corrida. Utilizado joystick de PS5. O adaptador é muito prático, plug n play (perfeito). O sincronismo é muito rápido. Recomendo. 8 iteo estou no aguardo de uma versão para Master System (tanto adaptador como também um joystick sem fio).