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8BitDo SN30 Pro (Special Edition)

8BitDo SN30 Pro (Special Edition)

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  • New colorways - crystal purple & jade green
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, macOS and Apple TV now. (Officially Supported)
  • Compatible with Apple, Switch, PC, Android, Steam Deck & Raspberry Pi.
  • Fully featured Controller- clickable joysticks, rumble vibration, motion controls, wireless Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, home and screenshot Buttons and a USB-C connector!
  • Perfect classic d-pad.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jessica Reyna
Broken Stuck Controller

We received the controller broken. The left joystick is just stuck in the same position and we are unable to use the controller.

Cole Tritt
Best thing ever

Love it. Use it for all my gaming needs

Stefan X. Westphal
Buy or die!

I bought this for playing retro games on my Switch. One of the best controllers I have ever used. Has all the functionality of Nintendo’s Pro Controller. Buy or die!

Works great, but just so you know..

Little things around the edges cause trouble, things you probably wouldn't worry about a controller anyway: I can't seem to get the firmware updated, and it isn't compatible with the fancy 8bitdo configuration app, and the manual was a little inaccurate on some points.
Like I said, things you're probably not worried about anyway. It looks good, responds well, no regrets.

great feel, worse performance

gotta admit, 8bitdo really nailed the first party feel on this controller. It’s easily the most comfortable SNES style game pad i’ve ever used, with fantastic button feel all around. however, the actual button response, particularly from the face buttons and d-pad, is quite lacking. i find myself with missed inputs on the face buttons just enough to be obnoxious, and the d-pad… oh, the d-pad. folks have been harping on this d-pad for years and it hasn’t gotten any better with my unit. accidental diagonal inputs are absolutely impossible to avoid, and it makes playing precision playformers like Super Mario Wonder absolutely no fun. placing a few pieces of tape beneath it helps somewhat, but i shouldn’t have to crack my on controller open to fix 8bitdo’s mistakes. this pad is past due for a revision, it seems.