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8BitDo Ultimate Controller - F40 Limited Edition

8BitDo Ultimate Controller - F40 Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

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Adam H
Just Wow

This controller made me realize that I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to controllers, and being that only 1983 of them were being made, I had to get my hands on one. The packaging was great, I have saved the clamshell opening main box for my kids to use in their play.

The case the controller comes in feels so high quality, it feels leathery and luxurious and holds both the controller and dock. The door in the back to allow in case charging is a very nice touch as well!

The controller itself feels amazing, the metalic sticks are heavier and feel of great quality. I use this controller and the original ultimate controller to play Rocket League and this controller definitely does the job. I'd say the sticks feel heavier and depending on what you are trying to do game wise, might need a little getting used to, but I'm finding slowing down a little to get the feel of how the stick moves and comes back to neutral really helps.

I'm through a couple charges now and just like all the other 8bitdo controllers I own, the battery life is great!

The included usb C cable is colored to match the controller, which I find to be a really nice touch. I use this controller on both PC and my Switch and love it in both places.

Anyway, one of the best purchases I've made in the last 6 months, great job on the quality and the design 8bitdo!

Sebastian Hildenbeutel
Awesome craftsmanship !

I thoroughly love this retro style controller and am absolutely stoked to possess one of these unique and serialised items! I have it also in just plain blue to keep the controller from usage ware 😅

Mustafa Kizilcan


Christopher Cuellar
The best controller I’ve EVER used

This is such a nice controller, the metal joysticks and glossy finish make me feel something indescribable and the standard 8bitdo compatibility and apps make it even better, I have never in my life thought controllers could be this cool

frank bizzoco
Amazing controller!

This controller feels premium. It might be the sticks being metallic, but it feels very comfortable and very accurate. Buttons also feel tight and responsive. It sits right next to my PC and instantly connects to the wireless receiver, or in Bluetooth mode instantly connects to my Switch. Its too bad the F40 is only a limited run. If you're eyeballing one of the other Ultimate controllers, I would highly suggest picking one up for all your gaming needs.