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8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller with Charging Dock

8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller with Charging Dock

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  • Compatible with Switch and Steam Deck via Bluetooth/2.4g adapter/USB Cable, Windows with a 2.4g adapter/USB Cable.
  • Ultimate Bluetooth Controller is compatible with Steam Deck now
  • Multifunctional Charging Dock - Stable connection and controller will be automatically switching ON/OFF while it is undocked/docked.
  • Hall Effect Sensing Joystick
  • Ultimate Software on PC and mobile (Android/iOS)
  • 2 Pro back paddle buttons, Custom Profile Switch Button, Player indicators & 2-way Mode Switching button.
  • Rumble vibration, motion controls, USB-C, 22 hours rechargeable battery.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Carlos Yoder
Excellent for SteamDeck and Switch

I was looking for a controller that would work with both my Mac, SteamDeck and Nintendo Switch, and this one is just fantastic in every environment I tested it. It actually feels better in my hands than the official Nintendo Pro Controller!

Bryan Andrews
Pretty Good

The controllers are solidly constructed and responsive. The face buttons (A/B/X/Y) are a bit stiff but not unbearably so. My major issue is that if you are even a hair off of the X or Y axis on the thumbstick that you may as well be pointing straight up or down/left or right. For RPGs or the like this is fine, but I wouldn't want to play a precision platformer or a fighting game with the Ultimate Bluetooth.

A solid choice, but if the Pro Controllers ever fix the stick drift issue I think 8BitDo will have some work to do in order to stay competitive.

Lief Newman
Switch Pro Replacement.

I got this because my Pro controller was having input issues connecting to my PC. This was so easy to set up, just plug and play, and there are no input issues on PC. Plus it's super easy to swap the mode on the controller from Switch to PC on the fly.

Je’Nai Turner
Still haven’t gotten it

I still have not received it, you should make it so this review request is sent once the entire order is fulfilled

justin hanks
Shipping is abysmal

I still have yet to receive the item1 month later. I like to support the company directly instead of going through a third party but do yourself a favor and order this from somewhere else.