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8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller with Charging Dock

8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller with Charging Dock

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Nikita Alabin

A controller of very good quality with a nice app for configuring the controller settings/button mapping/etc

Kurt W
I really don't have any huge complaints.

My only real nitpick in the week or so I've owned it regards the rumble. Default setting was so strong it visibly shook my aim around a little bit in Splatoon after, for example, firing a sniper, but that can be decreased with the PC software for it.
Little bit sad there's no HD rumble, but only the official Switch Pro Controllers have that anyways.
Really loving how easy it is to swap between Xbox controller mode and Switch controller mode on a dime - as long as you can mentally shift your muscle memory between controller layouts it's perfect!

Kei Irie
My favorite!

Easy to use and cool design! I like it very much. My personal preference would be for the stick to be a little more rigid. Each manufacturer has come up with roughly the same numbers. Please put out a good product, especially focusing on the feel of the stick part, since it is something we touch often. I expect even more!

Kyle Hobbs

Stick drift and it won't fully charge. Waste of money. Very disappointed

Nathan Theis
Controller is fine customer support and shipping is not

Controller is fine. Got what was advertised but its not too much better than a Pro controller and Pro controller is a lot cheaper. Shipping took a month and was way longer than their advertised 5-7 buisness days via website, and customer support was very lacking and they obviously did not care. I sent two emails with concerns on why the shipping center had not received the item, and only the label had been printed, and I only got automated responces with a tracking number attached when I was waiting over a week before they even sent it to the shipping center. Will not be buying from them again.